What Are Flashing Devices?

The Devices Used to do Software in Mobile Phone is Called Flashing Devices.

There Are Two Type of Flashing Devices

1-BOX 2-Dongle

Flashing Box & Dongle
Z3x Box,EFT DOngle,UFI Box,Octolpus Box,Chimera Dongle.
Box And Dongle

To Repair Mobile Software Flashing Device is Used . Every Flashing Device Has His own Tool and Software. We can Use This Tool With Computer or Laptop.

This is Not Made by Any Mobile Company.

Different Manufacturer are Making this Device To Earn Money.

For Samsung Mobile Phone Recommended Boxes and Dongles are

1- Z3x Box 2- Octoplus Box 3- Chimera Key 4- MEDUSA PRO 5- HUA Box  

Z3x Box-Octoplus Box-Chimera Key-MEDUSA PRO-HUA Box.

For Chinese Brand Mobile Phone Recommended Boxes and Dongles are

UmtPro,Miracle Thunder,Infinity Dongle,Miracle Thunder,Volcano Box,EFT Dongle.

1-Miracle Box 2-Miracle Thunder Key 3-Infinity Dongle 4-UMT Pro Box

5-Volcano Box 6-GC Pro Dongle 7-EFT Dongle

Mobile Brand Support:

Xiaomi -Huawei-Vivo-OPPO-Lenovo-Honor-Qmobile-LG-Nokia.

Microsoft-Meizu-Motorola-Qualcomm CPU-MTK CPU-SPD CPU.

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