Mobile Phone Dead Problem and Solution?

The Mobile Phone is the Most Usable Electronics Device. It may be Damaged/Dead For Many Reasons.

1-Drop into Floor 2-Water Damage 3-Dead After Update

Mobile Phone Drop into Floor
Mobile Phone Water Damage
Mobile Phone Dead Boot

4-Wrong Flashing 5-Suddenly Dead 6-Over Charging

Now You Know Basic Idea Why Mobile Phone Are Mostly Dead.

Basic And Primary Solution.The Safest Method.

Battery Connector
Battery terminal
Learn With Usman

1-First Check Battery Is Charged or Not.

2-Change The Battery, Battery Must Full Charged and Must Be Original Company.

3-Than Clean Battery Terminal and Mobile Phone Battery Connector and Try Again To Power on The Mobile If Not.

4-Than Check CareFully PowerButton is Properly Working and Geeting Press. If Yes and your Problem Still Then Apply Expert Major Solution.

Major Solution Has 2 Type Solution

1-Hardware Solution 2-Software Solution

Mobile Phone Hardware
Mobile Phone Software

Hardware Basic and Standard Solution

If You Think Your Mobile Phone has a Hardware Problem Then open your Mobile Phone first check Battery Connector Soldering. Next check Motherboard Short Circuit if Mother has Short Then Check Network IC and all Main Voltage Capacitor and CPU.

Mobile Phone PCB
Mobile Short Circuit
Mobile CPU,Voltage Capacitor
Network IC

What if Mobile Phone Water Damage?

If your Mobile Phone is Water Damage Then First Very Carefully Open Your Mobile Phone Fully Clean MotherBoard-PCB With Petrol and Hit With Stan Light. If Problem Still There Then Rehot or Re-Solder with HotGun With Little Heat.

What if Mobile Phone is Drop Down?

Trust Me Mostly When Every Mobile Phone is Drop Down.

1-Battery Connecter is Disconnected From Motherboard-PCB Simply Connect Back the Battery.

2-LCD/Touch Connector is Disconnected From Motherboard-PCB Simply Connect Back the Connecter.

3-CareFully Check Power Button and Its Strip is Fine & Working. if Not Simply Repair or change the Complete Strip of Power Button.

4-Finally Re-hot or Re-solder CPU and Flash IC and Power IC.

What if Mobile Phone is Software is Dead?

When Ever Mobile is Dead Because of Software Their are Many Reasons and Possibility.

1-Flashing The Mobile Phone With Incompatible Firmware or Flash File.

2-EMMC is Corrupted During Updatind or Rooting.

Mobile Phone is Software Solution

1-Always Download/Flash Your Mobile Phone With Original Dump Factory File From Trusted Website

2-Use Jtag Flashing Box or Dongle For EMMC Reprogramming and Flashing.

3-Always Make Backup Before Starting Any Flashing/Updating Process.

4-Try To Get Complete Information of CPU Model and EMMC Health.

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