How To Start a Blog?

Simple steps to start a new blog. Blogging is a Great Source of Expressing yourself, Making New Good Friends and a Great Source of Extra Money Online.

Blogging Online

These days blogging has become so popular but the problem however remains, How to start a blog. starting out anything can seem very hard and over helping and the first at the attempt and What Happens we are getting lost in the mix.

New bloggers Who want to join the blogging community Don’t understand how to start or where to start from. Don’t worry The Good News is This Starting a Blog is not the easiest thing to do but it is also not difficult so as long as you understand the basic concepts and the Basic steps to take starting your fantastic Website.

How To Choose a Blogging Platform?

First We Need to Choose the Right Blogging Platform. The first decision you Will need to make when starting a blog is choosing the Preferred Blogging Platform for your new blog.

Blogging Platform

This Step if Mostly Difficult as there are many blogging platforms. Blogging platforms are two types free and self Hosted with free blogging platform. it is free to sign up for account get a domain and set up your Website with a few Simple steps.

There are 2 Popular Blogging Platform known as WordPress & Blogger. These Are Easy to set up and maintain without the need from any prior website design knowledge. Self-hosted blogs look more professional and have more capacities they are the best and Recommended for business Purpose.

Self-hosted blog resides individual server there are a lot of third party web hosting platform that provides hosting space to your own blogs which open them to you new advantage of self-hosted blog.

As a freelancing, you will be needed for the blogging platform. Which is easy to set up and doesn’t require any coding abilities. Additionally, you also need to consider what type of blog you are Going create both now and then future .starting of your blog on the wrong platform can make it exceptionally hard to switch later.

How To Choose a Hosting Platform?

A web host is an online service that is responsible for storing your blog and ensuring that visitors can access it at all times. It is difficult to choose an ideal web hosting plan when starting out your blog. once you have set up and choose the best hosting plan you may be overhand some of the most confusing marketing in the technology industry.

Webhosting For Blogging

Every Vendor promises that they can offer you the best services. web hosting is a Frontier of numerous Technologies and Standards especially confusing to the non-technical study blogger therefore choosing the right Hosting can be quite difficult this is why you need to know and analyze the option made aware of you.

3 Most Popular WebHosting Platform?

1-Shared Web Hosting Service

2-VPS Web Hosting Service

3-Dedicated Web Hosting Service

To start the right web hosting for your blog is not easiest thing to get started .Before you figure out your hosting needs and then analyze all the different companies. To start their services for matching your hosting needs.

Shared Web Hosting Server: your website sits on the same server as many other websites. This means all the sites share the same server resources. shared web hosting may be to going down if one of the websites has issues or slow loading of all the websites on this server due to overloading.

Shared Web Hosting

This effect is popularly called bad neighbor and it’s one of the main reasons shared hosting is not the best idea. Still shared hosting is the most widely used hosting platform because it’s a great option for low-cost hosting packages.

VPS Web Hosting Server: Virtual Private Server(VPS) is a virtualized server that Works like an independent physical (dedicated) server. A VPS is Made by Differenrent virtualization software that divides the resources of one dedicated server into multiple virtual servers (VPS). Each VPS is allocated a specified amount of CPU, RAM, and bandwidth.

VPS Web Hosting Server

According to requirement virtual private server VPS hosting plan is much stronger and Faster Than Shared hosting. VPS is also a shared environment But is Limited to 20 any websites. most balance web Hosting option and you can easily be migrated in the future.

Dedicated Web Hosting Server: dedicated server Host a website on a dedicated server. dedicated servers are designed for maximum performance instant scalability and Advanced Management ideas for websites with huge traffic. the easy decision Lead is to start out small with a decent shared hosting account dependably.

Dedicated Web Hosting Server

A shared hosting account is an easy simple to keep up and you can easily move up VPS or dedicated hosting if the need arises. When Choosing the web hosting Plan there is important to look out how certain features such as Server reliability upgrading and renewal cost, return policies and How to Use multiple domains on the same Server hosting plan according to your related needs.

How To Setup Domain?

Domain Means the Name or URL of Your Website. Choosing the right domain name is critical to ensuring that your site is up and running both regarding marketing and Search Engine Optimisation. The Step of choosing a domain name is not an easy job.

Domain Name For Blogging

You need to engage some online research on the business niche that your website is based on in setting up a domain name you must ensure that your domain name must be memorable. Easy to spell and must effectively communicate the theme of your blog.

These are essential things to establish your brand name. after selecting an ideal domain name That reflects the services you offer you will need also to get a check to guarantee that another organization is not currently using it. Pease Very Carefully Verify Domain name is Ultimately Accessible for you to enroll.

How To Register Domain Name?

Setting up a domain name is to choose domain register to register a domain name. There are many domain name Registrar Companies For example Hostgator which is the world’s largest domain name provider and the additionally provide web hosting and email hosting services.

Host Gator Web-hosting,Email Service,Domain Register

How To Design a Blog?

your website designs serves as its Skins .it will leave an impression on potential client when they access your website.

your goal should be to create a site that appears strongly to your target audience with regards to planning your blog utilizing random kind of blog configuration can be a complete turn off your potential clients along this lines you can employ the use of templates to Spice up and bring life to your blog design.

Design For Blog

Picking the correct template is essential, Yet it doesn’t require investing a large amount of energy to create it yourself. There are various free blog layouts accessible that can be used on most major blogging sites and frameworks, including Blogger and WordPress.

Also, remember that free designs might also be employed by a wide range of bloggers which implies they might not be unique to your website. Another option is this You Can Hire Professional Website Designer For You.

Design for Blog

By the design expert proficient creators can make a range of the best for Marks accessible irregularity give you the most adaptability Since they have an extraordinary number of templates to assist you with.

Now and then people use both for mobile phones and tablets to access web content all over the world both phones and tablets have become a primary source of network traffic if your selected theme doesn’t respond to the smallest mobile screen.

There is a high risk that you will lose valuable traffic because visitors access your website on these devices. They may not be able to navigate or make sense of your Post and You should be sure that your blog design is responsive to all kinds of devices.

Responsive Website or Blog.

How to Create Great Content For Blog?

At the heart of Blogging is the ability to create great content that drives traffic to your website. domain essence of online content generation. Such as blogs, websites or articles is to drive intelligence bits of information that can be easily absorbed for target customers. when creating content for a blog.

Content for Blog

It is essential to go to the route of developing content that focuses on educating and solving difficult problems. this is a great route to take can also result in an opportunity to interact with your target audience and connect with them on a very personal level.

Concentration on creating content that is engaging to your clients. infographics an excellent way to Spice up your blog posts. Mostly it is been proven That human beings are visual learners with infographics.

Visual Info Graphics For Blog

Viewers will not only simply enjoy reading your Blogpost also very more likely to remember them and the information contained in your posts.

How to Create Catchy Headlines?

Catchy headlines are another useful tool in creating quality content. catchy headlines that draw the attention of your clients to your website furthermore emotions through the day come with social media.

Catchy Headlines For Blog

when creating content for your audience getting them to engage with a lot of emotional levels is an incredible way to connect with them.

personalize your blog post different forms such as personal essays are Asperation stories, opinion, rhyme Etc. This is a formula that works every time and it’s another nice way of engaging your target audience.

How to Build Traffic For Blog or Website?

A blog or website which does not have any traffics means useless.learning to build traffic is an essential component in starting out a blog.

After you have succeed in Providing great content the next step required would be to focus on getting your target audience to visit your website. Keywords and SEO are powerful tools that are used in driving traffic to your blog.


These two tools enable you to get traffic from search engines and users can find the right information and answers they are searching the web for in promoting your blog being strategic about very spend your time is very essential.

Although it may seem kind to establish your presence across the full range of social networks you will burn out first enough trying to excel with every social size.

Social Media Marketing

The best approach will be to find out where bloggers with content similar to your Hangout will give you insight and how they drive the traffic and how you can incorporate this strategy to drive traffic to your blog. Link building others through traditional efforts.

Such as outreach programs for guest blogging, social media and leveraging partnerships are the strongest way to obtain or drive massive traffic.

furthermore, you can also utilize the Google Analytics tool to see which sites are driving the most Referral activity .this covers the forum and websites your targeted interest group Wizard and gets very dynamic.

Google Analytics Tool For Tracking Blog Performance

participate in blog discussions by commenting and providing solutions to problems this will create backlinks to your website regardless of what freelancing niche you choose to focus and which serves you will most definitely require aside and on having your website blogging is an incredible powerful tool that you can utilize to attract subscribers, customers and clients.

Blog Visitors,Subscribers,Customer,Clients

Starting out your blog may seem rather overhanging when you look up at the steps involved from a Holistic point of view it important to break the steps down as listed in this section and you think each one after the other in starting out your new blog.

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Top 10 Reason You Should Start Blogging?

Are you thinking of starting a new blog? My honest advice is stopping Thinking Just do it now. Here are some Real and True biggest reasons why I personally believe You Should start Blogging immediately.


1-It ‘s affordable

Blogging is affordable anyone can start a blog for free. There are a lot of blogging platforms. Such as, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Blogger, Medium, Typepad, Ghost, Tumblr they offer ready to start blog and if you want to take in any step forward want to customize your blog and get more opportunities in blogging you can Self host your blog which is not free but very affordable for almost anyone I use self-hosting WordPress blogging platform that I can recommend for Hosting. You can buy your own domain hosting and WordPress maintenance for less than 50-100 dollars per year.

2-It helps to build an audience

Blog helps you to connect with the audience. Blogging enables you to reach thousands or even millions of people around the world for free. Blogging works as a method for attracting an audience because it provides something of value to them with free valuable content people of then have a problem or frustration they want to solve that why they search on the internet and then they read Blogspot. With blogging, you can spend your thoughts and knowledge. it’s an opportunity to give something to others you can even have other people solve their specific problem and potentially change their life These visitors Can be Converted to customers later.

Blogging Audience

3-Challenges for you

Blogging is a challenge for you. Everyone Needs a challenge in life to grow and become Success. blogging always challenges you and makes you step out of your comfort zone. How Starting a Blog is very easy. Everyone has some ideas to post to get started but writing continuously and giving new ideas and building community is not easy .this are the challenges that keep you learning and growing. just like any other thing .you will have to be consistent for success. Blogging teaches you how to be consistent and stay focused.

4-It boost your business

Blogging boosts your business.the internet is Big opportunity for businesses. Even people search on the internet before starting a business. get information online about the business before deciding to interact with them if your potential customers can read interesting stories about your company success ideas, strategies, and new products chances are good that they will turn into paying customers.Blogging can open a lot of new doors of sales and success with might you have not thought and aware.

Blogging Boost Your Bussiness

5-Its make you a perfect writer

Blogging makes you a perfect writer .writing is communication. writing a blog is building a community with which you communicate regularly you can improve your writing skill with practice and you will become better in communication. I leave in Pakistan but I was born in Dubai so English is my second language when I started blogging my grammar communication and argumentation skills very poor. Blogging has a Great Effect on my writing skills since I started .they are not still perfect but now I feel more confident in my abilities and have seen Noticed improvement and my editor said the same. practicing any skill consistently is a sure way to improve and this applies to writing as well. The more you write the easier it becomes.

Content Writer For Blogging

6-It drives traffic to your website

Blogging drive traffic to your website when your blog is ready Google start crawling your Website Pages and will show your pages in their search. it means you will start receiving free visitors from the search engine. these visitors find value in your blog because they search for it.

Web Traffic To Your Blog

7-Makes you learn new things

Blogging makes you learn new things .blogging is about sharing what you know and what you are Learning. when you have a blog post idea how do you start you do some research am I right. You always learn new things about your topic and industry it comes naturally with blogging when you keep blogging you will always keep learning as well.

Learn New Thing From Blogging

8-Validate expertise

Blogging Validates Your expertise. your blog is your resume. if you keep providing valuable Detail information about the topic you can easily become an expert in your field. People tend to be shy when it comes to sharing smart things they think they have to hide their knowledge because that how they were Raised. Be humble they were told don’t be afraid to share your knowledge it will validate your expertise.

9-Create a community

Blogging gives you opportunity to Create a community .one of the effect of blogging is to reach people according to your knowledge and interest and They search the blogs that they can relate to like your blog audiences grow you will notice that specific people visiting your blog on a regular basis even actively and consistently commenting on your post. This can drive conversation to inspire new ideas and even generator real-world friendships.

Blogging Create Community

10-Make Money

Blogging gives you opportunity to make money. if you have a cool blog with a lot of readers there is a possibility that you can monetize your blog. it takes time to build up and get new visitors but once you do you have opportunities to earn income through your blog. Blogging can be a great Source of income and this is true there are full-time bloggers running their life with the work of blog.

Blogging Makes Money
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