What is Importance of Short Killer Device in Mobile Phone Repairing Market?

Short Killer Guide By learn With Usman

Short Killer Device is Basically Design and is Made For to Find Short Circuit in Motherboard Called PCB. It Can Help Mobile phone technician Quickly, Accurately Find and Judge the Current and Voltage Interruption of Motherboard.

1-Mobile Phone Motherboard 2-Computer Motherboard 3-Laptop Motherboard.

Laptop Motherboard pcb
Computer Motherboard pcb
Mobile Motherboard pcb
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Short Killer Device is invited By Fonekong-China. Most Popular and Advance Repairing Institue For Apple Devices From Basic To Advance Level Chip Level Repairing and Programing.

Short Killer By FoneKong-China
Advance Repairing Institue For Apple  Devices By Learn With Usman

Now You Have Basic Knowledge about Short Killer Device

Let’s Start Learn how To Use Short Killer Device and How It Works?

How To Use Short Killer From Learn With Usman

We Need To Understand From the Front panel of the Short Killer Device. There are Two Led light in Front of Short Killer Device Green, Red Colour and Two Black Colour Button To Adjust Voltage for up and Down. We Have Also Two Probes of Wires known as Positive and Negative. To Use on Mobile Phone Motherboard known as PCB to Find Shortage.

Samsung PCB
iPhone PCB
Short Killer

Red Colour Led Guide Us About the Voltage and the Green Tell us the Short of PCB

1 – If The Digit is 0 and Green Colour. It Means There is No Short Circuit in PCB or Motherboard.

2-If the Digit is 1 and Short Killer Device is Making Noise It Means There is Short Circuit in PCB or Motherboard.

You Can Set The Voltage From 0.5 5.4.

There Are Three More Method To Find Short Circuit In PCB

1-Multimeter 2-DC PowerSupply 3-Thermal Camera Microscope

DC Power Supply Thermal Camera Microscope
By Learn With Usman

How To Start Finding Short Circuit in Motherboard

You Need Rosin Flux Paste and Need To Apply on the Motherboard Than Use the Black Prob As a Ground on Motherboard and Red Wire For on The battery Connecter, the Short Circuit Will Start Heating and Will Burn. You Can Easily Find it and replace the Short Part and Your Motherboard Short Circuit Will Be Cleared.

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If you are not a professional motherboard repairer, be careful when you Start. You need to do your research and learn this Device. This product belongs to the auxiliary tool and is intended for professional technician use only.

BeCarfull: The machine must not be connected to the motherboard for more than 2 minutes, because the failure of the motherboard of the mobile phone can not exceed 2 minutes. The heat will be generated during use. If the failure exceeds 2 minutes, the heat will exceed the range of the motherboard and the machine. Please note when using.

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What is JTAG Box & When it is Used in Android Mobile Phones?

JTAG Means Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) is an industry-standard devised for testing printed circuit boards (PCBs) using boundary Lines and was designed to quickly and easily test and Repair Direct PCBs Memory Chips and Ram.

in Other Easy Words JTAG Box Directly Communicate with the CPU and with the help of CPU’s JTAG Protocol you can access CPU’s peripherals and memory/NAND/eMMC one of this IC & Memory.

According to my Knowledge and Experience JTAG Box is used for repair dead and Brick Android devices that don’t respond to anything and aren’t seen when USB connected. It seems that it’s something done from the physical hardware side of the device to Run or Active the Software.

Main point that has to be understood: JTAG interface only gives the ability to communicate with hardware in just a few simple ways:

1. Reading/Writing Memory 2. Executing MCU code.

Having a JTAG device in hands absolutely does not mean it is easy now to repair a dead Mobile Phone Motherboard. In most cases the board has complex hardware, NAND memories and RAMmemories which are all connected to the main core chipset which, in its turn, is quite intricate. To get access to these memories, sometimes quite a difficult hardware initialization sequences to be performed.

Every new board often requires different kinds of hardware initialization. For example, if a known Qualcomm chipset is used in the current board, it does not mean at all that settings from some previous board with the same chipset onboard will be compatible.


How To Find JTAG Pins?

Now you Need To use a special hardware JTAG box which comes with a vast array of cables (different cables for different types of devices), plus specialized software specifically made for your Mobile Phone model. (There exist generic catch-all JTAG boxes that can be loaded with specific microcode instructions for your particular manufactured board. The tricky part is getting the exact microcode for your device’s circuit board. If you use the wrong microcode, it can cause permanent damage.)

JTAG interface uses 4 main signals: TCK, TDI, TDO and TMS. Additionally, there are often present the TRST signal, the RTCKsignal, the NRST signal.

JTAG Box Pins

What Is Mean By Microcode?

The microcode instructions are emitted by the JTAG box attached to the cable, clipped in position on top of the JTAG pins. The box sends a signal to your device to CPU, Memory or Ram. After That You Can Instal/, Copy or Update Your firmware image to your Android Mobile Phone device.

What Type of Cable is Used For Pin Connection?

There Are Main 4 Main Connection. which pins are used for ground (GND), transmit (Tx), receive (RX) and power (PWR). The power is the important one: if the battery is dead, power can still be fed into your Android Mobile Phone device. The JTAG pins are usually 6,8 or More gold pins clustered close to each other.

  1. To find out how the firmware itself performs the initialization of the hardware it runs inside (since if board is dead, there now is no firmware which does these steps, and it is only you now responsible writing proper values at the proper memory locations;
  2. To find out how the chipset accesses external memory (the NAND; NOR memory is not mentioned, since it does not require any complicated movements);
  3. To write code which will be able to communicate with chipset and to send to it data which is to be written to the flash memory.
  4. And of course, to find out what is to be written and to which flash memory locations for the board to be repaired.
JTAG Box Complete Guide

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What Are Flashing Devices?

The Devices Used to do Software in Mobile Phone is Called Flashing Devices.

There Are Two Type of Flashing Devices

1-BOX 2-Dongle

Flashing Box & Dongle
Z3x Box,EFT DOngle,UFI Box,Octolpus Box,Chimera Dongle.
Box And Dongle

To Repair Mobile Software Flashing Device is Used . Every Flashing Device Has His own Tool and Software. We can Use This Tool With Computer or Laptop.

This is Not Made by Any Mobile Company.

Different Manufacturer are Making this Device To Earn Money.

For Samsung Mobile Phone Recommended Boxes and Dongles are

1- Z3x Box 2- Octoplus Box 3- Chimera Key 4- MEDUSA PRO 5- HUA Box  

Z3x Box-Octoplus Box-Chimera Key-MEDUSA PRO-HUA Box.

For Chinese Brand Mobile Phone Recommended Boxes and Dongles are

UmtPro,Miracle Thunder,Infinity Dongle,Miracle Thunder,Volcano Box,EFT Dongle.

1-Miracle Box 2-Miracle Thunder Key 3-Infinity Dongle 4-UMT Pro Box

5-Volcano Box 6-GC Pro Dongle 7-EFT Dongle

Mobile Brand Support:

Xiaomi -Huawei-Vivo-OPPO-Lenovo-Honor-Qmobile-LG-Nokia.

Microsoft-Meizu-Motorola-Qualcomm CPU-MTK CPU-SPD CPU.

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Mobile Phone Flashing Theory

Mobile Phone Flashing Theory

Any Electronic Circuit Where IC is Used is Made of Two Things

Any Electronic Circuit Where IC is Used is Made of Two Things

1- Hardware 2- Software

What is Hardware?

A Thing You Can See and Touch is Called Hardware.

What is Software?

A Thing You Can See But Cannot Touch is Called Software

What Are The Basic Requirement For Mobile Phone Flashing?

You Need a Computer, Laptop and Flashing Box, Dongle.

What Are The Basic Requirement For Mobile Phone Flashing?

Now To Start Mobile Phone Flashing You Require?

1-Mobile 2-Charged Battery 50%Above 3-Original Data Cable

4-Computer 5-Flashing Device/Box, Dongle 6-Tested Flash File

9-Drivers 10-High Speed Internet 11-Knowledge & Good Idea

Mobile Phone Flashing You Require?
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How To Unlock Samsung, Android and iPhone Mobile Phone.Country Lock, Network Lock, Operator Lock.

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Country Lock, Network Lock, Operator Lock.

Today We Learn and Understand How To Unlock Samsung, Android, and iPhone Mobile Phone. Country Lock, Network Lock, Operator Lock.

Basically Friend if We Have Purchase a Mobile Phone device from Sim Network Provider, The Network Provider may have Locked the device to their Network With a Special Hidden Code. Mostly Mobile Phone Companies does not lock any of its Mobile Phone devices to any Country Network. The Mobile Phone Device Maybe Android OS or Apple OS. if Your Android or Apple Mobile Phone Device is Locked You will need to contact the original service provider or retailer to request an Unlock The Mobile Phone Device or Provide You unlock code For Use.

How Do I Know My Samsung, Android and iPhone Mobile Phone is Unlocked.

Basically Friend if You Purchase Phone Online or From Any Shop Keeper. You Must Be Sure Your Samsung, Android and iPhone Mobile Phone is Completely Unlocked. You Should Ask Him and Make sure That The Device is Completely Unlocked. Basically There are Two Best and recommended methods to check if your Samsung, Android and iPhone Mobile Phone is Unlocked

First Method

  1. This is the Basic and Easiest Method To Check For Network is Unlocked.
  2. Click on the Mobile Phone Setting
  3. Select the Network Operator
  4. Then Search the Networks
  5. If You Find Different Network Than Select You Desire Network.
  6. Now You Must Have Signal Bar on Your Mobile Phone Near You Battery Indicator Level
  7. Now Make a Call if Your Call is Connected It Mean Your Mobile is Unlocked.
  8. Your Mobile phone Device is Ready To Use.

This Method Will works for any Android or Apple Mobile Phone Device has as SIM card including the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8, Note, Google Pixel, LG G6, Motorola Force Droid, Moto Z Droid and iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X and Many more. You Must Have a Working SimCard To Check This Method


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